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Wayne Galloway does not know why the strange and wonderful things in this world occur, but he likes to talk to  so many people who believe they do. These diverse opinions help in your spiritual journey of hearing, and this helps you learn better ways of explaining the basic truths of other religions and readers in general spirituality.

The Secret of Yahweh!

What one mother, unchurched most of her life, uncovered to

introduce you to J.C. Lamb,  just might surprise you!

Secrets from the Author!

LeFerna Arnold-Walch never planned to be a bestselling author. She was not a writer or an illustrator.  She couldn’t sew when she designed the pattern for the first plush lamb, and knew very little about electronics when she designed the special recorder for J.C. Lamb’s heart patch. She was an entertainer who loved writing and recording her own music. That was all.  She even ignored her first sign when given the vision of J.C. Lamb going to school with children while she was writing the song “Mary’s Lamb,” for inspirational CD project. 

LeFerna is a great example of being “called” by God to fufill her destiny.  She was put in a position to “hear” God and to “see” what He could do through her.  Saying she was a tough nut to crack, it took her son’s nearly fatal crash into a church to wake her up and set her prayers in motion! She made a promise to God that if He spared her son, she would tell the world about His. Thinking she would keep this promise by singing Gospel music, she soon learned that God only used her music to communicate with her.And when it was time for her to fulfill her promise,  He called on every talent He had given her to see that she kept it. He gave her the ideas and the name and most of these came to her in the early morning hours at exactly 4:44 am.

Now that the book is finally complete and the plush is due out by Easter of 2008, LeFerna travels to introduce the world to J.C. Lamb, telling her remarkable story and sings the original song that started it all. LeFerna’s calling was to find a gentle way to excite the public about Jesus, giving everyone a tool to use to help reach the 100 million unchurched Americans in our country. Her platform encourages people to “listen” to God and recognize when He is calling.

“I had visited many churches and really didn’t fit into any. I loved the music and the fellowship but I just never felt like I belonged in church for some reason. I was like a fish out of water so to speak. I loved God and spoke to him all the time, but rarely went to church until I got older. Then when I settled into a church I loved, they asked me to go to people’s homes and tell them about Jesus. I felt terror! I didn’t want people to call me a “Bible Thumper” and slam the door in my face! The Pastor knew he was asking a lot of people in our church to step out of their ‘comfort zones’ he said. I remember wondering why it should be so hard for me when this is what God wants us to do. Go tell everyone about Jesus! Then when I had a neighbor ask me ‘when did you go and get religion?’ and never come over again… I figured it out. I wasn’t putting God first! I needed to make a change. Too bad there wasn’t a less agressive way to tell the world about Jesus. I chose writing Christian music. After it was obvious to me that He was trying to get my attention for this project, I asked God; ‘Why me?’ and I heard; ‘Who better to teach the unchurched than the unchurched?’ This is what gave me the strength to go on and keep my promise with confidense.

My Editor said that usually people who want to write Children’s books start with a picture book, not a 368 page, 30 chapter novel!  It wouldn’t be so long… but I had so much to explain in terms someone like me would understand!  And then God led the right people across my path to  teach me and help me uncover some of the most awesome things hidden in the Bible! The first draft wasn’t quite as long, but I had an unexpected desire to illustrate it. That is probably because of my A.D.D. and lack of focus causing me to not be a good reader and have to have pictures to keep my interest.  Now the book has over 100 illustrations, which I have never had proper training in either! 

Doesn’t this book sound like something you can’t wait to buy?

Seriously though, God gave me the gifts, and a lot to tell, in an “unchurched” sort of way that is easy for people to understand…  and He gave the children a wonderful character named J.C. Lamb! I worked long and hard to do them both justice! I covered subjects like taking ‘under God’ out of the Pledge of Allegiance and our missing Christian History to, well… the secret of Yahweh!

What I tell people now is; Don’t wonder around in the wilderness for 40 years! Gather up the talents God has given to you, and listen for your call!”
LeFerna now travels with her son Travis and “Angel the Chihuahua” on singing/speaking engadgements and book signings.

Itroducing the world to what is bound to become a J.C. Lamb phenomenon.  If you would like more information on booking LeFerna

 The J.C. Lamb Project started Nine Years ago…

or was it nine years before that?

First of all, everything happened in nines and sevens which are very important numbers throughout the Bible.

I didn’t go to church most of my life, but I loved God, and knew He did great things in my life. Not always good things, but things to wake me up and get my attention! So this time in my life didn’t seem any different than any other.

First my parents died within two days of each other, drawing me even closer to God as I needed a parent, and that special love.
Nine years later, there was a fire that took away all my worldly goods… except my music equipment! I took this as a sign,
and decided to pick up my cross and follow Jesus. He knew what I loved best was music, singing and writing songs, so I started a music ministry.

But that wasn’t what God had planned for me… He only used my music to communicate with me!
(I make this sound so matter of fact, but actually it took me years to put this all together!)

Just five weeks after the fire, and two weeks after my youngest son Destin and I visited Estes Park Colorado for a music ministry seminar…

Something much worse happened!

Doctors told me that my comatose son Travis would die
in less than 48 hours or be a vegetable for the rest of his life.
He was only twenty years old.
They wanted me to think of what parts of his body
I would donate in case his death came,
as if that would be the best thing for everyone!

Body parts? What about his soul? What about his wonderful spirit?
The Travis everyone loved? Who would get that?
Then suddenly it hit me!

What if he is confused about Jesus?
Was he really going to hell because he had never been baptized? 
I raised him to love God… but what about Jesus? 
Did my son really understand Jesus? Did he know Him?

Help me God! What about this? What do I do?
Is it true we are only saved through the blood of Jesus?
What if he doesn’t know? What will happen to him?
My answer had me frantic to find a Pastor who would
“dedicate my son to the love of Jesus Christ!”
Wow! Was I really talking like this? Thinking like this? It felt weird! 
But Travis could be scared, confused about the coma,
and whether he was going to Heaven or not!”

I promised God that if He gave me back my son,
I would make sure more children knew about HIS Son! 
Watching Travis relearn every life skill the second time in his life,
I never forgot my promise. I wondered how I would do it.
All I knew was to keep writing Christian songs. 
My son Travis not only lived,
He went on to get his degree in college!

It was clear, I still had a promise to keep! 
While my son was in college I worked to keep this promise. 
 A few years into the clarity of what God wanted
out of this promise, I was overwhelmed with HUGE ideas
and many second thoughts!

By now, I had figured out that Travis’ accident

                     and my promise were all planned.
So I asked, “why me, Lord?”
because He knew that I didn’t even go to church like I should!

And His Reply was;

“Who better to teach the unchurched
than the unchurched?”
I never asked again. 
I just continued to hear and see where to go next,
through dreams and wakening thoughts,
I was mysteriously shown the way. 
It was time to research “The Secret” that He showed me.
And I fell in love with Bible study! 

How do I know this all God’s call for me?

Because my son’s coma began after he was run off the road,

crashing his car into a CHURCH!

Travis graduated from Central Michigan University in 2007
with a degree in Entrepreneurship.

He is now the Vice President of Mary’s Lamb, Inc.
He incorporated the ministry to be able to put more lambs in the arms of more children everywhere!


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